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Jan 7-11, 2018

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June 24, 2019
Shirley Yang
Shirley Yang
Shirley Yang is the Founder and CEO of Muses, a professional network for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Muses is in 121 countries and is the best place to hire Creative and Digital talents. Shirley has led teams at NBC Universal, Amazon, and have worked with thousands of YouTube stars and brands to propel them to fame. Her previous clients include fortune 100: NIKE, Walmart, Amazon, etc. to thousands of startups and small businesses. Shirley is a startup mentor at TechStars, 1871, and an advisor at Women Tech Founders and DePaul University Center for Entrepreneurship.
June 25, 2019
Dave Woodward
Kym Yancey
Kym Yancey, is the Co-founder, President & Chief Marketing Officer of eWomenNetwork, and the Co-Founder of Live Happy LLC, a company that is leading a global movement to make our planet a happier place. He is recognized as one of North America’s premier marketing and innovation thought leaders. 
Kym is also a gold-record-winning composer and producer. In the ’70s and early ’80s, he was signed to Capitol Records with the legendary funk band SUN. He later launched one of the top multicultural advertising agencies in the United States and wrote award-winning commercial jingles, receiving more than 200 awards for creative excellence. Kym is also the creator and executive producer of the GLOW Project, one of the most inspiring movies ever created for women,” says the Orlando Film Festival.
June 26, 2019
Magie Cook
Magie Cook
With just $800 to start her company “Maggie’s All-Natural Fresh Salsa’s & Dips” – sold to Campbells 11 years later for $231 million dollars!
Magie is the recipient of the Nobel Entrepreneurial Prize in Mexico, the Small Business Administration gave her the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the University of Charleston Awarded her into the Hall of Fame, and West Virginia inducted her into their Generation Next, 40 under 40. She’s been featured on CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, USA Today, The Washington Post, Fox News, Kiplinger, Executive Magazine, ABC, CBS and many more.
June 27, 2019
Nancy Mathews
Nancy Mathews
Nancy brings more than 30 years of experience and the perfect blend of business expertise, authenticity and heart to all her endeavors. After 20 years in corporate with several entrepreneurial endeavors on the side, in 2002 Nancy went into business for herself, developing several multi-million dollar enterprises. Nancy is the Co-Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, Author of The One Philosophy, Visionaries with Guts, the highly acclaimed Receiving Your Riches Course and the Best Selling Series, Journey to the Stage. She is regularly featured in the media and has shared the stage with some of today’s top thought leaders and business experts.

Sandra Yancey
Sandra Yancey is an award-winning entrepreneur and is recognized by the International Alliance for Women as one of the world’s 100 Top Difference Makers and by CNN as an American Hero. 
June 28, 2019
Sandra Yancey
Sandra Yancey is Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork - a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 500,000 women connected through 118 chapters spread across North America. The company produces over 1,000 women’s business events each year and the #1 Women’s Entrepreneur Conference and Business Expo of its kind in North America. 

The eWomenNetwork Foundation she created has, to date, awarded cash grants to 115 non-profit organizations and scholarships to 167 emerging female leaders of tomorrow. 

Sandra is featured in Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul and is a #1 bestselling author of five books, including Relationship Networking: The Art of Turning Contacts into Connections and Succeeding in Spite of Everything, which rose to #1 in ten categories at Amazon. She is also featured in and producer of The GLOW Project—called “one of the most inspiring movies ever created for women,” by the Orlando Film Festival.
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People join the call from all over the world to hear from our Masters in business and simultaneously post millions of tweets. 3 times a year, Sandra Yancey connects you with her tribe and other success-minded entrepreneurs on our live chat. People join the call from all over the world to hear from our Masters in business and simultaneously post Here’s just a sample of the things they’ve chatted about on the various topics we’ve covered on the Million Dollar Success Mastery Calls:
“I'm SO READY! to join the $1M club!
“This was as informative as a college course. I have learned so much in this short period of time. So glad I responded to the email invitation to register! Thank you, Sandra!”
“One of my favorite nuggets: You can’t go through everything it takes to get to the top and then be afraid of heights.”